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SPA Chapter 41

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Beneath the Heaven’s Son

Although the pressure did not kill me, but it was strong enough to render me immobile. My mind was nearly blank, but I managed to regain sanity quickly due to my {Divine Mental Fortress}. However, I was still immobilized and Ling’er was still dazed out. I decided that I must use my {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s void form and hope I can-


One of the walls of the room was blasted apart as a purple glow faded from the palms of the noble personage. In stepped the dog emperor in a black robe followed by the Blue Dan bandit from earlier. D*m**t, I know I can’t escape this one, but I’ve got to at least try, but before I could activate any skills …

“Oh? This emperor came to collect his concubine, but instead walked into a pair of loving doves. Heh, but breaking ships is the one thing that this emperor can be have said to have done exceptionally well while enjoying it at the same time,” the dog emperor smirks and then with a blink, he appeared next to me, leaving afterimages behind.

The dog emperor grabbed Ling’er and tossed her over to the Blue Dan servant which woke Ling’er from her daze, “Watch over her well for this emperor. This emperor will personally clean this blemish so she realizes that no one can put a green hat on the head of Heaven’s Son.”

I froze in shock when Ling’er was taken away from me so easily, but before I could recover, the emperor already has grabbed me and then smashed me onto the ground, hard, putting me in a daze. [Host has taken fatal damage.] [{Rise From the Dead} has activated and negated fatal damage.]

“Oh? Not dead? Interesting … more tenacious than this emperor thought, but still useless,” as the emperor mused, he tossed me up and with a palm with purple Qi, he struck right where my heart laid.

[Host has taken fatal damage.] [{Rise From the Dead} has activated and negated fatal damage.]

I was still blasted back and slammed right through the wall before slamming into an adjacent building, coughing up two mouthful of blood.

[Host has taken medium damage. Rib cage has been partially damaged. Left shoulder blade has been shattered.]

Urgg! How is that f**king dog emperor this strong. Oh, well he’s Violet Dan and all, but seriously, give me a break Mr.Aura. I looked up and watched as the dog emperor walked step by step up to me.

“Hahaha, it’s been a while since someone has managed to so tenaciously live under this emperor’s attacks. But it seems that it was a fluke. Very well, this emperor shall give you a swift death,” the emperor calmly states like it was a matter of fact, then once he walked right in front of me, he raised his palms infused with Purple Qi, and struck downwards.

I knew my time might really be up this time. Mr.Aura, although you drew this big boss to me, but I think it’s a big too big for me to escape this time. I wanted to take one last look at my pitiful Ling’er for one last time, but when I glanced over, I saw the Blue Dan man coughing up blood on the ground with a sword piercing through his stomach.

Eh? Where’s Ling’er? Did she escape? I guess that’s good, she doesn’t have to be the toy of this dog emperor. I turned back to the descending palm to face death head on, but suddenly, a petite silhouette blocked in front of my. Fear struck my heart as my heart froze.

*puff* I watched as the b*st**d’s hand pierced right into the familiar silhouette’s chest, and with a swift motion pulled out a beating heart. The silhouette slowly collapsed backwards and laid into my arms. A familiar magnolia scent, a familiar face, but now she has a gaping hole where her hearts lies and her petite mouth coughed out chunks of shattered organs. My eyes blurred, as my brain failed to function.

Although I did not want to, but I still was able to recognize her as the girl I love, my Ling’er. I can’t feel my heartbeat, trying to imagine myself being the one to lose my heart instead of her, but as she weakly glanced up to me with her eyes that were rapidly losing their light, I know her fate was sealed. “W-w-w-whyy?” I can’t help but ask.

Who am I asking? I don’t know. I seriously don’t know anymore. Everyone important to me seems to be played to death again and again. I seriously want to know WHY?!

Perhaps Ling’er thought I was asking her, so she smiled and weakly said with a raspy voice, “X-xiao Ling’er felt S-squishy was in danger so X-xiao Ling’er s-shall protect S-squishy…”

Her reply was like a lightning bolt to my mind as I awoken. Fear consumed my heart as despair filled my eyes. A hot tear rolled down my face as I tried to deny the inevitable while embracing her tightly. I gripped her hands with iron grips, for fear that if I let go, I would not be able to feel that warmth anymore.

“N-n-no no! Ling’er, you can’t leave me all alone! You said we will be together forever! You said we will go home together! Ling’er! Stay with me! We will leave this place now! I’ll take-”

My sound went mute as Ling’er coughed another two mouthful of shattered organs onto my hands. She smiled at me and whispered, “Mmm … X-xiao L-ling’er p-promises to b-be a g-g-good girl and l-listen to S-squishy a-and g-go with S-squishy … n-next time-“

And then, there was no next time. An unknown, invisible force caused my hands to go stiff as Ling’er’s petite hands slowly slid out of my grasp. She gently closed her beautiful eyes for an eternal rest as her lips curved into a soft smile as a final gift to the unfortunate love struck fool that was left behind, me. I blankly continued to stare at the beautiful smile of the girl I made an eternal vow to, but unfortunately we can’t be together no longer in this lifetime. Hot, blood red tears streamed down my face and landed on her beautiful countenance. I didn’t know what to do but raising my hands slowly, intending to wipe away the ugly tears that defiled her face; however, I was interrupted by an irritating voice.

“Ahh~ What a waste. This emperor could have used her a couple of times before this emperor laid her to rest, but unfortunately, she rather waste her useless life on this trash,” the demon emperor wickedly remarked as he turned around intending to give his blessings to the unfortunate couple.

I smiled. Yes, I know what I need to do now. I gently laid Ling’er’s body onto the ground. Ling’er, don’t be scare. Squishy will come accompany you soon, but Squishy has to finish a very important task first. I slowly stood up and pulled out the {Heart Severing Sword} from my inventory. I glared at the back of the Heaven’s Son.


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