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SPA Chapter 39

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Virgin Blood

As I watched Ling’er staring into the ceiling with dull eyes, surrounded by 3 f***ing b*st**ds, not only rage consumed me, but guilt. Why must this happen to her? Was it because of meeting me? But so what? I decided then and there that no matter what, I will take care of her for the rest of my life.

As I made my vow, one of the bandits cackled and started to take off his pants. Eh? I noticed that the rest of the bandits still had their pants on while they held Ling’er down. They haven’t gotten to THAT step yet? Ling’er’s still safe! Relief washed over me as I realized Ling’er would not have to suffer a women’s worst nightmare and lifetime of pain.

Then the rage that was held back by my despair gushed out and consumed me. Why the f*** am I standing here like a dumba**? I WILL F***ING KILL THOSE S**THEADS FOR TOUCHING MY LING’ER! With {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} still activated, I rashly rushed over behind the one with the pants off, I raised my {Earth’s Dragon Fang} to his throat, and made a perfect slit for my first blood in this world. As I faded into existence, blood gushed out of his neck.

Ah~ I raised my head up as I took a step back to avoid the blood while reminiscing the feeling. I never knew killing could be so … satisfying. I looked back down and glanced coldly at the two shocked soon-to-be dead man. A slight smile grew on my lips as I once again activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} and faded out.

The two bandits finally reacted, and pulled out the weapons strapped to their belt. They hurriedly stood back to back by the dead bandit’s body. They vigilantly glared at the surroundings with blood shot eyes as their hands fail to hold their weapons straight due to shivering. Heh. Back to back so I can’t assassinate you? Well, then I’ll rush you head on. I summoned 10 clones at 10 Qi each and had them all rush at the two cowards.

The two cowards freaked out when they saw the team charging at them, they frantically broke formation up to run, one in each direction away from Ling’er to get to outside. I had all my clones tackle one of them to slow him down while I sprinted behind the other one and then slashed out at him. The bandit reacted quickly and spun around to block my strike.


Then, I was knocked back. “EH? Oh my god! This twerp is just at the Orange Dan! What the F scaring grandpa like that! Oi brother! We’re both Yellow Dan, no need to be afraid of this guy!” the bandit I was trying to kill grinned and hollered at the other.

“Yeah I know! Heh, this twerps are fakes, so weak! Probably some puppet or illusion!” the other bandit yelled back as he smashed my clones one by one.

I knew this could not go on for long, I can’t fight both of them at once at my level. I ignored all the painful feedback from my clones. As the bandit in front me charged at me, I waited until he slashed at me, then I took a small step back and took the slash directly.

[Host has taken medium damage. Host’s ability {Indestructible Body} has gained progress.]

I grabbed the bandit’s sword with my free hand and the bandit froze in shock. I immediately side stepped as he was shocked, then before he could react, I made a swipe cleanly on his throat. He dropped his weapons with wide eyes, used both hands to grab his throats with blood gushing out as he stared in shock at the me that was fading back into existence.

I turned back and saw my last clone be bashed to death. As the final bandit stared at his dead companion, he froze for a bit, but then it seemed he regained his confidence when he stared at my wound. He rushed over while growling as a yellow glow coated his sword. I knew he was going to use some ability which I would mostly perish if I were hit, unlike with a basic slash using the strength of a higher realm.

So, I immediately activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} and when he was about to release his skill with a slash, I activated void form just in time. A glow of sword light splashed out towards my location.


Three deep gashes, like a tiger’s claw swipe, appeared on the ground where I was standing. Very glad I dodged that. After using that attack, the bandit looked exhausted as he vigilantly glanced around for my corpse. I quickly slid up to his side and gave his throat a clean cut before he could even look my way. The party was finally over as the last man fell over dead, drunk from my awesomeness. I’m the too f**king OP MC now! I actually managed to cross-rank kill! Except I don’t got a system that rewards me for doing so. *sigh*

Oh, wait! Ling’er!? Is she alright? Did she get hurt from the fight?! I rushed over to wear Ling’er was lying motionless like a corpse on the cold, pool of blood which made the scene look more ominous. I hurriedly bent down and gently held one of her hands with both of my hands, praying nothing happened to her. I softly called out her name over and over.

There was no response. All I got was a shivering body, and dull eyes that have lost its most treasured liveliness. There was no longer innocence in those eyes, it was just dull eyes that have already saw despair and fear. Fearing that I will never see those bright, innocent eyes again, I hurriedly shook Ling’er trying to wake her up from her daze.

After a couple of hard shakes, Ling’er slowly sat up. My world quickly brightened for a bit, but my heart sunk to the bottom of the sea just as fast. Yes, she did awaken, but it led to even worst reaction.

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