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SPA Chapter 29

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 29

Chapter 29: One Way Ticket

A 30-ish year old man and a fresh probably 16 year old lady walked over towards me.

Although popping go easily let me escape, now I need to act dead or else if I go pop, the clan might just scourge the city for my main body, treating me as a spy or some threat.

The 30-ish year old man frowns. Takes out his sword-

Oi. Oi. Oi. Buddy, let’s talk this out. Violence is not the answ-

And I was slashed. But fortunately the man did not use Qi so no harm done with just physical strength.

“Ahh~ young master, why did you slash it with no power?” the lady questioned in a coquettish noise.

“Uhhum~ This Xiao Ke, is a treasure of our Miao Clan. As you can see, it’s impervious to physical attacks. It must have been dropped when someone was transferring treasures in today. I’ll just take this and hand it over to the guards.”

Oi. Who’s your Miao Clan’s treasure?! Don’t just make claims on a random object you picked up off the ground! But hey, I actually don’t mind if you do deliver me to the guards. Hehehehe. Is this it? Mr.Aura’s reward for all my hard “work”.

The man picks me up as the lady coquettishly squeals in amazement. The man brought me to the guards who saluted him as “young” master.

“Bring this treasure in and lock it up. Punish the one transferring treasures today for dropping this. If we lose anything next time, all of you will be punished. Understood?” the “young” master arrogantly reprimands the guards.

“Y-Y-yes, this little servant shall do as you told. Young master please have a good evening,” one of the guard stutters.

“Hmph. Xiao Ke, see this is how powerful my Miao Clan is. This treasure hall has over 1000 treasures worth an unimaginable amount of money. And it is impervious to any thieves, even if it’s the God of Thieves. Heh amazing right?” the “young” master brags.

“Amazing~ And this will all belong to young master in the future? Can Xiao Ke go in and see?”

“Heheh, of course I will belong to me. I can’t bring you in to see right now because its rule set by my old crackpot of a father. After that old crackpot dies, everything in the clan belongs to me. Then, I’ll bring you in to see. Xiao Ke, how about we go to drink some tea in my room instead right now?” the “young” master invites the young girl like a big bad wolf.

“Eheheh~ Young master you pervert~” the lady coquettishly replies and leans onto the “young” master’s body.

“Hahaha, I’ll show you what a real pervert is soon~ Ahahah!” the f***ing b* grabs the young girl by her waist and leads her away. F***! I’m not jealous at all! The reason I’m cussing is because I can’t stand the corruption of society! As a “righteous” man, how could I stand such monstrosity! I’m not jealous because I have my Ling’er. Oh~ my Ling’er, I miss your bod- *cough* you.

The guard holding me sighs in relief when the “young” master swaggers away to his night life. The other guard sneered in disdain yet there was a hint of fear in his eyes.

“Alright, Bro Yan, I’ll take this … treasure or whatever it is in first. You’ll be alright alone right?”

“No problem. Quickly send it in and come back rather than having a higher risk of trouble,” the other guard replied calmly and leans back against the wall with a relaxed attitude, “Not that there will be anyone dumb enough to come steal from here.”

The guard holding me nods, then heads through the doorway. After entering the doorway, he turned right and walked straight ahead. He made a turn left at the corner, and walked up to the doorway where another two guards stood. The two guards tensed up and glanced at the guard carrying me vigilantly.

“Halt! Who are- oh? Bro Gua? What are you doing here? Are we planning to have another feast tonight?” one of the guards seemed to have recognized the one carrying me and cheerfully spoke.

“Eh. Not today Bro Piao. Young master brought this … treasure to me earlier, and asked us to deliver it into the vault. He said the treasure keeper that was moving new treasures in earlier dropped it outside. sigh Old Ya is in for it this time, dropping something this important,” the one carrying me replied with a sympathetic face.

“Oh. sigh Not much that we could do about it as servants. We can only pray that he lives through it. Alright, I’ll take it in. Bro Ma, take point here,” the guard took me from Gua’s hands, waved, then headed into the second doorway.

Once again, the same route as earlier was traversed in order to reach the third door where another two guards stood. These two instantly had their hands onto their sword as the guard carrying me approach. It seems that the deeper we enter, the more vigilant the guards get, but too bad that they don’t recognize that they are bringing the tiger into the mountain.

“Young master said to take this … precious treasure inside to store. If it’s lost, you may end up like Old Yan who’s being punished now for dropping this on accident,” the guard carrying me solemnly stated.

“Understood, I’ll take it from here,” one of the guards took me, then strolled in and walked on the same route once again. Seriously, with this type of route, it really facilitates the ones trying to figure out the path.

We passed by two patrolling guards and the three exchanged greetings. Then the one carrying me moved on until we reached the fourth doorway where the two guards immediately pulled out their swords and pointed it in our direction. When we got closed, they sheathed there sword once they realized it was a guard.

“Young master said to take this supreme treasure inside to store. If this is lost, we will all be punished,” the guard holding me solemnly said with a strict voice while handing me over. The two guards glanced at each other, then at the red blob, me.

I don’t know how I became a supreme treasure all of a sudden, but please just take me in. I’m this close, you won’t throw me out right? You don’t even have to take me out after you take me in, I guarantee that this will be a one way trip.

The two guards had a weird expression on their face, but in the end they decided not to question the order. One of the guards took me into his hands, and strolled through the doorway into the courtyard where there seems to be a bunch of restrictions as I noticed a bunch of different color clouds of mist in the air. The guard took out a golden talisman, whispered some incantation, and waved his hand and the clouds parted ways to reveal a path to the giant doorway to the vault.

There sitting in front of the door was an old man with white hair with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes and the guard froze up.

“T-this is a g-godly treasure that the y-y-yo cough master said to store into the vault. Please,” the guard stuttered and placed the “treasure” on the ground, then swiftly retreated. Wow, I’m godly now.

The old man glanced at the “treasure”, waved his hands and an invisible force grabbed me, pulling me to him. He inspected me a couple of times, shook his head and then with a couple waves of his hand, the door to the vault opened. Mwahaha! Utopia, I’m COMING!

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