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SPA Chapter 27

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 27

Chapter 27: New Sport!

The wind gently ruffles the ground as the dust gathers and roll like a wave. A tumbleweed happily floats in the background as the western cowboy music plays in the background. 6 silhouettes stand on opposite sides as well-met enemies-NOT. Pei! None of those even exist here except the wind, the dust, and the silhouettes.

As for who those silhouettes are? Well, that’s me on one side and 5 dirty brats with ragged clothes on the other. Without even describing it, you know those brats are glaring at me with “evil” intentions. Too bad for them, because they messed with the wrong person. They are normal commoners while I:

[Name] Xiong Zhi Ye (Pro)

[Cultivation Level] Red Dan Level : 8

[Usable Qi] 75/80 (-5)

[Mental Power] 35/35

Strength : 18
Endurance : 18
Agility : 13
Intellect : 24
Comprehension : 12
Luck : 1

Slime Body

[Innate Ability]
Strongest Protagonist’s Aura
Protagonist’s Vengeance
Protagonist’s Rebirth

Rise From the Dead : Lvl 3
Escape Death : Lvl 2
Winter’s Child : Lvl 9
Indestructible Body : lvl 5
Beast Controller : Lvl 8
Divine Mental Fortress : Lvl 6

Present Xian Xiafan Language {100%} – No function to speak on body
Colorless Emperor’s Rainbow Mountain {8%} 5357/8000
Location Marker : Lvl 1
Clone : 0
Spacial Storage : Lvl 1 | 0/5
Corrosive Armor : Lvl 2 | 137/2000

Super OP is the word for it. Even with the clone that I left to accompany Ling’er, I can still beat the c**p out of these brats if they dare to fight.

Ohoh? Surrounding me is it? 5 against 1? Do you think I’m afraid of commoners like you? I’m also immune to physical damage with this body. What can you ever do to me? Mwahahah! If you dare to start this fight, I will slaughter y-


And I got kicked by one of those cheeky brats. Then I sailed through the air and bam another kick. Ok. You think I’m just gonna be a slime and do nothing? Although they are children, I have no qualms killing children because this is a dog-eat-dog cultivation world. My life was already ruined as a child. So F*** them, too. No one will notice anyways in this slum like play, and they are probably orphans. Heh! Time to counterattack! HIYA! *boing*

And I landed on one of their faces and bounced off. The brat wiped his face annoyingly and just laughs. Verdict: No damage. Slime body’s too soft for physical attacks. Okay then. Since physical attacks won’t work, time to use my ultimate Qi attack to slaughter them! Yaaa~

Except, I realized, I don’t have such an ultimate Qi attack. Let alone an ultimate one, hell, I don’t even have a normal Qi attack. I now noticed, although I have a bunch of OP skills, none of them are actual skills for attacking. Same with abilities, with the exception of the beast controller, but where am I finding a beast to control in this city. So I can’t hurt these brats nor can I outrun them, but they are also not strong enough to kill me.

So verdict: I can’t do anything to these brats, and I can’t even die if I want to. And reality: kicking slime around became a new sport called slimeball. Worst of all, I don’t get experience for playing this game. I’m immune to physical damage with this body so I can’t gain {Indestructible Body} experience. So literally, I’m trapped in one of those time wasters and this chapter might as well be a filler. (-_-)

1 hour later

By the decree of cliches, once NPC is done wrecking helpless MC, they would always leave the helpless MC to die or simply leave with sneers. Then, the helpless MC gets the chance to grow and seek revenge. Or the smart NPCs would lock up the helpless MC in some prison and maybe torture the MC, but the MC will finally escape the prison due to some coincidence of the guards failing to keep an eye on the MC.

But by the decree of Mr.Aura, when brats finished “playing” with me, they picked me up, and brought me home to their shack. Thinking they’ll put me down so I can maybe escape? Nope, they carry me around like their most precious treasure, passing me back and forth. Once they finally DID put me down, it was because they used me as a chair.

Then when it was bed time, I was used as a pillow, for not one, but all 5 of those brats sleeping in 5 directions like a snowflake. Their heads are mushing my body so much that I’m nearly flatten. How am I even going to slip out of this?! Kill my way out? I don’t have the ability to. Give them nightmares so they shift their heads? I don’t got mental attacks either. Try to change my shape to slip out? As I said, heads on five sides, I’m trapped in middle with parts of me being squished under their heads. There’s no way I can reshape, it’s like part of my body is nailed to the ground. Then there’s also the fact that they might be woken up by my reshape. *sigh*

Honestly, I escape one prison to end up in another. Although it’s not as bad, but really, when am I going to gain my freedom?

Oh well, I still can at least put my plan into motion even if I’m stuck here though. I spawned 5 clones above the faces of each of those brats. Hey! You might be able to suffocate them you say? Hah! Kill them and then end up trapped under their dead bodies for eternity? F*** that idea. The chances of that happening is not likely, but Mr.Aura will certainly deliver. I had my clones slip out, then spawned two more to use up my Qi. I sent them all off and they started to put my plan into motion. It’s time to give a morning greeting to all those great clans inside this city. I’ll also need to find out how to get into the prison.

As the night settles in, calmness ensues, but this might just be the beginning of a deadly storm- is what I’m going to say, but seriously, those clones are too f***ing slow. So by the time they made it to their respective spots without attracting attention, it’s already near dawn. So…

Let this be the dawn of a deadly drought.

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