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SPA Chapter 22

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Shadow Clone and Inventory?!

So, what is happening yall? Doing alright? Because I ain’t. There’s currently a utmost beauty sitting on the side, giving me her devote attention while rolling a dumpling in her mouth so smoothly that it can’t help but cause men to imagine what else could be rolled around in her mouth. Although that’s the case, I’m not happy at all. Why? Because currently I’m trapped in some sort of Qi force field on what I’m pretty sure is a dissecting table while a knife is descending slowly towards me. How did this happen?

After we got to the base and parked the puppet, old geezer brought us to his experiment room. He apparently already had dumplings prepared by one of his so called inventions.

So the placated little girl went and sat down to eat while watching the horror show of the poor, sacrificed me being experimented on. It started out simple with me placed on the dissection table. Then, there’s that mad scientist with the flushed face trying to shred my body into pieces with a incision knife.

Now, the reason his face is flushed is because he’s excited, and I can tell with his mutterings of “Interesting!” or “Immune to physical damage?!”. After that last one, a Brown glow appeared on his knife, and I knew I was in trouble because Mr.Aura is hard at work once again. Then, we played the game of cat and mice until the mad scientist got mad and decided to lock me up with his Qi. Now, we end up in this situation where the knife comes down upon me.

And there goes a part of my body. Is that my arm? My leg? Heart? I can’t tell because it’s just a blob, but I can’t just go losing body parts right? So, I just simply crawled up to the cut off and reabsorbed it back into my body. No problemo, except that the mad scientist got even more excited while hopping and yelling “Regeneration! Invincibility?!”. Oh man, what is he going to do next?!

Oh! Beauty the Savior came over! She’s coming to save me?

“Uncle! Lookie! Watch Xiao Ling’er show you something interesting!” then she tossed a dumpling into me which my body absorbed.

[Absorbed low quality Qi food product. Recovered 1 Qi.]

Oh, that’s pretty interesting. I can recover Qi from absorbing food. Makes sense. I did lose some Qi earlier from reabsorbing my body “part”. But now that mad scientist looks as he’s about to faint, please do.

“Ohhhh~ Fantastic! Can this new species devour any object?!” the mad scientist rants.

“Ehehehe~ Yes! Squishy ate Xiao Ling’er’s Compass earlier so Xiao Ling’er wasn’t able to find Uncle, but it was able to make points after it ate Xiao Ling’er’s Compass” Evil Assistant Ling’er tattles to the mad scientist.

“OH! Does it gain new skills from devouring treasures?! Oh, I need to test this!” the mad scientist raves and rushes off to grab a box shaped object, one of his many trinkets he has lying around, “This should do. I call it the space duplicator. It’s one of the storage bags, box in this case, that I invented. It’s able to infinitely duplicate itself and all of the duplicated boxes can access a spacial storage. But it’s a fairly useless because all the duplicated boxes access the same storage space which defeats the point of easy to make storage containers. Also, the duplicated boxes are much more fragile than the original and can easily break. sigh Well let’s see if it gains anything from digesting this.”

The mad scientist then tosses that OP sounding item to me. I knew it was coming. My days to OPness. Mr.Aura thank you!

[Host has absorbed an unknown spacial treasure. Host has gained skills {Clone} and {Spacial Storage}.]

[Spacial Storage]
Level : 1 {0%}
This ability’s level can be increased through absorbing, consuming, or sacrificing treasures with spacial quality. Each level increase will increase the spatial storage size by 1 slots. As long as there is slots left, this spacial storage can store any non-living things. It can also store deceased organisms. Host cannot store himself. Stack-able items can be stacked up to 99 per slot. Items can be stored by touching the item and retrieved with a simple thought. Items inside storage will be released if host perishes.
Current slots used : 0/5
Current items: {Empty}

Also, the long awaited skill that is required in every isekai novel, inventory storage! Except this is a cultivation world, but I guess this works as replacement for the storage bag! Now I don’t have to worry about my stuff be stolen, unless I die!

This ability allows host to create a clone of the host. The clone will have 50% of the stat of the host, but have all the abilities and can use all the skills of the host, except the clone skill. Clone’s innate skills will be shared with the host. Objects besides the main body of the host will not be cloned. It will cost 10 Qi to summon each clone and main host’s max usable Qi will decrease by 5 Qi for each clone summoned. Clone will have a default of max 5 usable Qi. Host can increase clone’s max usable Qi by providing more Qi to summon the clone (at least 10 Qi increments with decrease of 5 Qi per increment to main host’s max Qi). Once the clone is destroyed, all experiences that the clone gain will be transferred to the host. Clone cultivation will also be transferred over. Also, all mental conditions will also be transferred to the host as well. Clone can be destroyed if it runs out of Qi, if it suffers heavy or fatal damage, if the main host wills it, if the main host loses conscious, or if it comes under the control of another being.
Current Summoned Clones : 0

Yes! It’s here! The OP clone that can bring me to greatness. Although I can only have one right now, in the future, I can have an army of clones battling it out for me! Mwahaha! And I can train like crazy like Naruto! Genius! I’ve gotta try this out! Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!

There was no smoke. It looked weird, but it was just my jelly body splitting into two. Oh! So cool!

“OH! So cool! It can clone! AHahahha! Now I can do all the experiments I want without worrying about destroying the specimen on accident!” a mad scientists cackle shattered my delusions.

“Yay~ Now there are more Squishy! I can play with more Squishy now~ can I try eating one?” A certain naive girl’s dangerous fantasies.

No there aren’t infinite that you experiment on and no you cannot eat me, you’ll get a stomachache. Of course no one heard me, they are too busy fantasizing about my future doom. Ai~ my pitiful future.

Current MC Stats:

[Name] Xiong Zhi Ye (Pro)

[Cultivation Level] Red Dan Level : 1

[Usable Qi] 0/10 (-5)

Strength : 12
Endurance : 10
Agility : 8
Intellect : 20
Comprehension : 9
Luck : 1

Slime Body

[Innate Ability]
Strongest Protagonist’s Aura
Protagonist’s Vengeance
Protagonist’s Rebirth

Rise From the Dead : Lvl 3
Escape Death : Lvl 2
Winter’s Child : Lvl 2
Indestructible Body : lvl 5
Beast Controller : Lvl 1

Present Xian Xiafan Language {100%} – No function to speak on body
Colorless Emperor’s Rainbow Mountain {1%} 67/1000
Location Marker : Lvl 1
Clone : 1
Spacial Storage : Lvl 1 | 0/5

Clone Stats:

[Name] Pro Clone

[Cultivation Level] Red Dan Level : 1

[Usable Qi] 5/5

Strength : 6
Endurance : 5
Agility : 4
Intellect : 10
Comprehension : 4
Luck : 1

Everything else is the same. Even skill levels.

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