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Review on Natural Synergy

Here is Steve’s review on the product, Natural Synergy Solution. Natural Synergy Solution is a treatment, using techniques similar to acupuncture, for pain and common ailments.

First of all, a disclaimer: Steve has not purchased nor used Natural Synergy Solution, hence all opinions are based off of Steve’s first impression of the Natural Synergy Solution advertisement and the provided info on its affiliate page. Basically, this is not Steve’s book review, but Steve’s ad review as an independent affiliate of the product!

Steve will now start with a brief explanation of the product and hope it doesn’t puncture a hole in your curiosity. This product is an electronic guide with exercise methods, and the product owners claim that it can treat pain and common ailments by restoring the natural balance in your body. They also claim it is similar to acupuncture treatments, but faster. The exercise process, named Acu-Frequency, is built on a combination of acupressure and acu-acoustics. The product owners also claim it to be similar to Electro-Acupuncture, but without the discomfort of electric needles. To read more about acupunctures, you can read the product owners’ articles here. Now, let Steve stop with this ArduousChatUntil – you get bored, and let Steve start Steve’s acupuncturing of the ad.

Moving on to first impressions, Steve notices a fairly decent and organized page with a video along with lots of text. With a simple click, the video ad begins with amazing scenes and music. Steve honestly must commend the product owners for a well done ad as it looks professional, but just like many similar ads, there were not any information to bolster the credibility of the speaker. Also, although the video ad was attractive at the start, it slowly became a boring, repetitive slideshow of text that could easily be built within minutes using available online video building services. Steve can’t help but be disappointed as Steve knows that the product owners could have done better, but ti seems that they didn’t want to put in any more effort beyond the hook.

After Steve got bored with the droning of the video, Steve began glancing through the long blocks of text. It was then Steve noticed that the speaker has introduced a credible source of info, a real doctor! At this point some may already joined the believers, but Steve must tell you to hold on to your beliefs! Although there is a credible source of info, Steve noticed that the remedy that the doctor actually verbally gave to the speaker was not from a official channel. Instead, it was a method that was given away, as if the doctor wanted someone else to test it. Although Steve can not claim if this is credible or not, Steve can’t help but doubt it because it has now became a healing technique that was passed down instead of proven by science.

The narrator then goes on to give a lot of information about the intricacies of acupuncture and AcuFrequency. Although there was a lot of information, a lot of the claims in the information had no cited scientific support, but simply a claim by the speaker’s interpretation of the authoritative doctor figure. Once in a while, there would be a cited source thrown in, but Steve noticed that these sources do not actually support the other claims! It only supports the fact that a certain event or function might actually exist; however, even if something is proven to exist, it does not mean one can claim that your methods will work. It’s like stating, “my solution works because there is a problem”!

Steve then notices the narrator moving on to give brief descriptions of many examples of ailments that can be solved by the guide. Steve now has a brief understanding that the guide will contain lots of treatments plan, but Steve can’t help but wonder if this will be a bit confusing. After all, it is not like anyone can simply memorize an entire book and apply it to their daily lives to treat others. Although these people may exist, a normal person like Steve will most likely be sifting through the book arduously for a solution; however, normal people like Steve will probably have a hard time diagnosing anyone, and if Steve fails to diagnose correctly, Steve might risk using the wrong treatment! Well, as Steve has not read or used the guide, Steve can’t make claims on whether it will be easily usable or not as Steve’s opinions are based on speculations.

In the latter parts of the ad, the narrator begins the promotional scheme. Besides the normal money back guarantee and price slashing which doesn’t affect the product owners’ profits as they decide the final price anyways, the narrator also provides incentives! Bonus e-books, that will not cost money to print at all as they are digital, are also included in the pack on purchase. As for whether these e-books are credible or not, there are no way to tell as there is only a simple description. Basically, you get free but possibly useless e-books with your purchase. Well, Steve can’t complain about free stuff anyways. However, you must always keep in mind that no matter how many freebies or price slash the product owners provide, the final price is still a price that is profitable to the seller.

One part that surprised Steve was that the product actually has its own app! Steve rarely see a product go this far and Steve must commend the product owners for spreading its promotion onto all platforms. Although Steve does not know how useful the app is, Steve is glad that the product owners took a step to modernize their product promotion. Of course, even though the narrator claims that the app is worth some value but is now free for us, Steve still consider this a simple promotional price slash technique because the value of an app should not be set by the seller. You must know that no matter how high the value of the app is, the value is still zero or essentially free if no one downloads it. The best way to promote an app is to make it free, and the product owners are ingenious for putting a value on a free product.

Finally, Steve also noticed throughout the text and towards the end of the video, testimonials were provided. Although some came with an image, Steve doesn’t know them personally so Steve can only doubt their credibility. It’s always good to see lots of testimonials that raises the product on a pedestal, but there should be testimonials that are complaints for the product. However, these negative testimonials are usually hidden, but at least those users get their money back probably.

That is all Steve has to comment on for the ad for Natural Synergy Solution. As for Steve’s current verdict for this product, it is still being determined with the help of everyone one of you out there. Like always, Steve shall update this post if Steve finds more aspects to criticize, or maybe when Steve tries the product as Steve does want to try out an acupuncture treatment of some sort someday. Now go here and pick faults with this product now or try it out~

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