Dragon Raja The Innocents Tale Guide

Steve’s Dragon Raja The Innocents Tale Guide

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Looking for a hidden tale guide? Not a small one, but one of the world tales that gives a gold medal? Well, you are at the right place! Steve chanced upon a hidden anecdote called The Innocents (aka Sinless Sinners)!

Although Steve is unsure if you must have a certain amount of points in certain personalities to trigger this quest, Steve does know that the tale came out after your Dragon Raja server has been upgraded to the level 80 server (you do not have to be level 80 to do the quest though, but Steve wasn’t able to see the quest giver with a character around level 50 or maybe it’s an issue of time). To trigger the quest, head over to Ehime Prefecture and find the policeman with an exclamation mark towards the west side of the town near the coordinates 260,210.

After talking to the police, talk to Laurence who has an exclamation mark nearby. Then, talk to the passerby with an exclamation mark who pops up next to Laurence. Afterwards, you will see Laurence walk off towards the houses. Now, you must wait at least 10 minutes (real-time) as nothing will happen until then.

After 10 minutes, head over to the house in the direction which Laurence walked off towards. If you had waited long enough, you will find Laurence with an exclamation mark waiting outside the house near 290,230.

Talk to Laurence and then talk to the passerby (with an exclamation mark) nearby. A hint will then pop up telling you to find a way to get inside. Simply head to the back of the house (or other side of the house) where you will find the police with an exclamation mark.

Talk to the police and head back to the other side of the house. You should now be able to enter the house by interacting with the door, teleporting you to a kitchen look-alike. You will find Aiko on the ground who you will need to interact with. Talk to the police after investigating and now you will need to find clues around the house. Simply interact with the interactions in the house and play the mini-games successfully if they pop up (they are the cooking mini-games mostly and you only need to do the ones with mini-games which are trash can, table food, and frying pan area).

Then, head back to interact with the police who will now present you a question. The question asks you why Laurence is the suspect and the answer should be “Sleeping pill-laced porgy with rice”.

Answering right or wrong doesn’t matter as it should still cause Laurence to run off after a dialogue, after which you are requested to see if you can find an alibi for Laurence at the bar. Head over to the bar which is located in a fenced off house by the parking lots towards the north parts of Ehime Prefecture near the coordinates 70,320. You will need to hop over fence to get to door to enter bar which is a Takamagahara look-alike.

Go talk to the police with an exclamation mark in the bar. He will tell you to find clues again. You don’t have to interact with people in bar but you can if you are lost. After interacting with the people of the club, talk to the police and tell him there is no alibi for Laurence. An NPC should then pop up saying he is a witness. Police will tell you to look for more clues, so head to the back of the bar to find the doors on the right side (you can directly skip to this part after talking to police with exclamation). You will find the security guy over there.

Talk to the security NPC after which a hint should tell you to follow them. You can now leave the bar (through the doors) and you should find footprints on the ground outside. Simply follow the footprints and it should lead you all the way back to the front of Aiko’s house (or simply head over to Aiko’s house and ignore footprints). Tap on or stand on the last set of footsteps and an exclamation mark should pop up over the passerby.

Talk to the passerby who will give you a hint regarding Porgies Rice. Now you will need to search Aiko’s house again (window, the second shelf of counter, and food on table). Interacting with the Porgies Rice (on the table by the stove) in the house will tell you of its ingredients. You will need to interact with other stuff in the house until you get the other Porgies Rice Recipe (located on counter to right of frying area, 2nd shelf down, which might be hard to tap). A hint should pop up telling you that you have found the recipe. Now go interact with the police after which a mini-game (the guess the three food one) will pop up.

After interacting with the police, the police should now have an exclamation mark. Talk to the police and a question should pop up. The question may be different on every run!

For the question asking the reason behind the difference in the recipes of Porgies Rice, the answer is “the cop put the Porgies Rice at the crime scene”. For the question asking when did the cop enter the room, the answer is “After Aiko fainted”.

After answering, the truth is revealed. Afterwards, a dialogue choice will appear, Steve doesn’t know what happens if you choose no as Steve chose to let police stay. Leave the house and talk to the passerby who should have an exclamation mark.

You will then have to go find the pills. The pills can be found in the trashcan near the house (one trashcan should turn up empty, just check other one), on the side behind the passerby. A mini-game (tap two matches with clear path between them) should pop up and after you beat it, you will get your clue which reveals the truth behind the truth!

Head back and talk to the passerby who has an exclamation mark. A black scene of explosion should occur after which Eva will tell you everyone died. A sudden end to the story. If you had chosen to let the police stay, maybe you shouldn’t had.

This tale was fairly time consuming due to the mini-games and investigations, but Steve can assure you it’s part of the hidden world tales, albeit not showing up as one. The final rewards include anecdote points, a gold medal for the quest, and the title Punished for Crime.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja The Innocents hidden anecdote guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now, go out there and find the truth behind the case!

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One thought on “Dragon Raja The Innocents Tale Guide

  1. I choose to deny the police request to stay. This is what happened next. It continues the same way as you ‘agree’, talk to the passerby, check the dustbin. The only DIFFERENCE is you go back inside the house, looking for the boyfriend (he’s not there), go outside to him and the policeman arguing. TRIGGER WARNING: the policeman shoot the boyfriend and himself to death, closing the case.


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