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Review on Leptitox

Here is Steve’s first affiliate product, Leptitox. It currently has plenty of sales, and a fairly high popularity. Unfortunately, the affiliate rules for this specific product disallowed the promotion of the product using user testimonials. Hence, Steve unfortunately cannot have guinea pigs for this product.

However, Steve believes the user testimonials only include those who purchase the product, but not those who visit the actual page. So, feel free to comment about the product’s advertisements itself (until Leptitox tells Steve otherwise). Of course, you could silently leave a like, but not say anything about being a user of the product as well. Steve has no control over that whatsoever.

First of all, a disclaimer: Steve has not purchased nor tried Leptitox, hence all opinions are based off of Steve’s first impression of the Leptitox advertisement. Steve does believe a good first impression would imply a better product, so let’s see if Steve has a good impression.

So a little explanation of Leptitox by Steve. Leptitox is NOT for weight loss. Leptitox claims to be a life hack of some sort of quenching hunger. This certainly tells Steve that Leptitox isn’t that confident in their product and doesn’t want to guarantee weight loss; however, Steve can’t blame them because it’s hard to guarantee weight loss, especially since there are so many other possible factors that could affect the user. Still, Steve’s impression so far is a product that may not provide results.

As for Steve’s first opinions on this product? Just the fact that it prevents the usage of user testimonial rings a sketchy bell for Steve; however, as there are many sales, Stevie can’t simply claim it to be a fraud as it has to be a usable product in order to get sales in first place. Otherwise, refunds would have crashed the company already.

Although the ad highlights certain parts such as “lose a certain amount of pounds” sections, Steve believes that such words are not trustworthy as it pretty much shows up on any other similar product ads. Did those products work? Probably didn’t for most.

There’s also the part in the video ad that claims that the method is 100% safe. Steve seriously can’t believe that because there is always a risk to everything one does, especially if it concerns health. Steve is pretty sure there was research that has proven that losing too much pounds too fast may actually not truly be risk free, maybe even dangerous.

Also, the fact that a product is clinically proven doesn’t mean it’s effective or credible, especially since it was not a clinic that was provided for everyone to research. Steve believes transparency is an important part of credibility. As far as Steve is concerned, a hidden clinic may just be an unknown, small clinic located in who knows where. That is just as credible as Credible Steve. Wait, maybe that is not such a good comparison.

Moving on, there’s the fact that an annoying pop-up keeps blocking the screen. That really screams at Steve that this is sketchy as Steve has always had negative experiences with pop-ups. That is just Steve’s opinion though, maybe it’s simply part of the marketing tactics that draws in more buyers?

However, what truly infuriated Steve was the fact that the pop-up was constantly reappearing right over the video ad, preventing Steve who was actually trying to watch the video from watching it! It made Steve want to throw Steve’s water bottle across the room!

As for the so called water hack, Steve truly believes that if an individual drinks water instead of all the other available drinks like carbonated drinks, juices, or energy drinks, it won’t be too surprising that the individual would lose weight. Steve is pretty sure that there’s essentially no calories in water. Essentially instead of clearly none is because Steve is unsure if anyone actually drinks water mixed with who knows what.

Leptitox Bottles

As for the product itself, it’s your typical medicine bottle with lots of fine prints. As for what is inside the bottle, Steve believes we aren’t allowed to know until we purchase it for ourselves. Steve believes we aren’t allowed to tell others about it either, at least on this blog.

That is all Steve has to say for now on Steve’s first impression of Leptitox. As for Steve’s current verdict for this product, it is still being determined with the help of every one of you out there. Perhaps Steve will update this with more content if Steve finds some interesting aspects to criticize further. Now go here and pick faults with this product now or try it out~

Published by Credible Steve

Just another Steve reviewing products, but is this Steve credible? That's for you to find out~

One thought on “Review on Leptitox

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